Founded in 2005, the award- winning Summer Internship Program offers local Princeton undergraduates the opportunity of working with not-for-profit organizations across the Rochester area.  Each year, the Club provides stipends that allows these institutions, and the populations they serve, to benefit from the services of talented students – for free.  Over $76,000 has been spent since the program began, supporting the work of dozens of  students at a wide range of local organizations.


Through the Summer Internship Program students gain eye-opening and sometimes life-changing experience; the organizations enjoy the high-quality work of intelligent and dedicated young adults; and the Princeton Club of Rochester supports the University’s mission: “Princeton in the nation’s service and the service of humanity”.

All this is funded entirely through the generosity of the Rochester-area Princeton community.  Contributions of any amount are welcome, but donors of $100 or more will be recognized as Patrons of the Summer Internship Program, with additional benefits at the next HYP/All-Ivy Ball.



Summer internship program